Appointment Types

An Appointment Type is used to determine what service is being performed during a scheduled visit.

The list of appointment types is customized for your practice.  This article will explain how to add new appointment types to the application along with the associated features available. 

Add a New Appointment Type

To add a new appointment type to the application, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Setup portal
  2. Select Appointment Types from the setup list under the Schedule Setup section
  3. Enter the Appointment Type Values in the work area on the right
  4. Click Save

The appointment type has now been added to the system. Please note, the appointment type may not show up in the iScheduler yet. It is usually necessary to associate the new appointment type with a resource.

Appointment Type Values

There are several settings and values related to an appointment type that determine how the applications responds when an appointment is added with this type.  

ValueExampleHow it is used
NameNew Patient VisitThe description of the appointment. This will show up in dropdowns and reports.
Duration (Mins)30The default duration of the appointment.
Lead Time (hours)2Used to determine how far in advance this type of appointment can be scheduled by users of the application.
MML Lead Time (hours)24Used to determine how far in advance this type of appointment can be scheduled by patients in MyMedicalLocker.
Default CommentBe sure to provide new patient packet.Used to automatically set the Comment field on the appointment edit window.
Default Complaint
Used to automatically set the Chief COmplaint field on the appointment edit window.
Lock PlaceholderChecked or not Checked
Exclude TaskNot checkedIf checked, users will not be prompted to complete a Superbill or SOAP Note for this appointment.
Popup TextEnsure the patient complets labs prior to appointment.Used to generate a scheduling alert for the person creating an appointment. Helpful when you want to remind the front desk to take specific actions when scheduling this appointment.
Superbill Additions (Provider 1-5)81003Used to send specific CPT code to the superbill for this type of appointment.  
IntakeNew Patient IntakeUsed to auto-assign the appropriate Intelligent Intake template when this appointment is scheduled.
Batch 270 Eligibility Service TypesPhysician Visit - Sick, Physician Visit - WellUsed when batch eligibility is ran.  If the specific options are selected in this list, a Batch Eligibility request will fail if that service type is not active for that patient.
Security - User GroupsSurgery SchedulerUsed to limit which users can add or change these types of appointments.  Helpful when you need to control how some sensitive types of appointments are scheduled.