Add a new Allergy

The Allergy chart tab will allow a user to add a new allergy to the patient's active allergy list.  


  1. Search for a patient and open that patient's chart in the EMR.
  2. Click the Allergies chart tab.

  3. The patient's active Allergy list will display.  

  4. To search for an allergy, begin typing the name of the allergy into the search box.  Or, click on the dropdown to the right of the search box - this will display the most commonly used allergies across your patient population.

  5. Select the allergy from the search list and enter the necessary details.
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Save.  If you have auto-saved turned on, you can simply move to the next chart tab.

 The allergy list allows users to add non-codified allergies to a patients allergy list. If you would like to prevent non-codified allergies from being added, consider modifying the following company setting: EMR Codified Allergy Required

Allergy List Details

  • Symptom #1-5:  A searchable list of symptoms.
  • Comments:  Additional notes about this allergy for this patient.
  • Severity: Severity of the allergy.
  • Remove Allergen:  Used to remove an allergy from the patient's active list.
  • Always display window on new allergen:  For users that do not commonly add additional details you may want to deselect this box so that you are not presented with the Allergy list Details window each time.