Release 24.104 - March 7th, 2024

New Features and Updates



  • U15529 - New User Setting to Hide Order Processing and Order Status Fields in Result Findings/Activities' section:  A new user setting within Setup > User > User Settings has been created to determine if the Order Processor and Status fields are displayed in the Result Findings/Activities screen.  

When checked, Company Setting: Hide Order Processor and Status in Result Findings will hide the Order Processor and Order Status fields from the Result Findings/Activities screen. More information about updating user settings is available here       

Note: This setting is off (unchecked) by default and can be enabled for "all users" by selecting the Apply to all users checkbox.

Bug Fixes



  • B16933 - Cost Estimator Setting Medicare Coverage Amount as "Out of Network":  Corrected an issue where,  if Medicare did not indicate that they are in-network on the eligibility response, the coverage information (Co-Insurance and Deductible) was being assigned Out Of Network values. This resulted in estimates being populated with incorrect values since the Co-Insurance and Deductible were not factored into the default In-Network selection. 

  • B16934 - Incorrect Cost Estimator Calculation:  Resolved an issue where, if a patient with a copay, deductible, and co-insurance had a deductible balance exceeding the charge amount, the insurance coverage cost was incorrectly set as a negative dollar amount due to the co-insurance. We have updated the estimate calculation so that when the balance reaches $0.00 on the deductible calculation, the Co-Insurance calculation is not factored in to prevent the Co-Insurance balance from becoming negative. 


Patient Charts

  • B17158 - Wireframe Chem-7 Fails to Display Vitals Table View:  Corrected an issue preventing the Vital Table View screen from loading correctly when the Company or User Setting "Wireframe List for Vitals Timeline Wireframe Summary" was set to pull only CHEM-7.     

  • B17220 - Patient Header Flags not Updating Propperly:  An issue within the EMR and iScheduler that caused incorrect patient flags to display when switching between patient charts has been corrected. An update has been added to ensure that the correct patient badge setup loads when toggling between patients back-to-back.  


Open Appointments

  • B17175 - "Search Open" Placeholders Returning Duplicates when Multiple Appointment Types are Selected:  When using the "Search Open" option in the iScheduler for an open placeholder and multiple appointment types were selected, the search results for open appointments were duplicated based on the number of appointment types chosen. We have resolved this issue to prevent duplication errors from being returned for both "day" and "template" placeholder assignments.