PDMP Integration Setup

iSalus Healthcare supports an integrated solution to run PDMP reports directly through the EMR portal of the system in coordination with APRISS Health.
This integration request can be completed with the steps below. 

  1. A practice administrator will initiate an interface request through the following link: https://info.apprisshealth.com/ehrrequest

  2. APRISS Health will initiate the interface process.
    Most states are participating in this interface through state-funded means, but some states are not yet funding this integration.

  3. Once this interface request is approved, APRISS Health will send an email directly to the practice administrator with a username and password.

  4. Contact the iSalus Customer Success Team to complete the EMR portion of the setup, providing the username and password from APRISS Health.

  5. The interface is complete and can be utilized with the steps here.