Release 22.09 - June 9th, 2022

New Features and Updates


  • U10663 - Additional Chrome compatibility conversion:  Since Microsoft® has begun the process of phasing out Internet Explorer, we have started converting the remaining areas of our software (that were previously only compatible with IE) to be fully compatible with Chrome.  

    Please note, we will be performing this conversion on the remaining 'IE-only' compatible sections of the software with subsequent releases. With this release, the newly converted areas that are now Chrome compatible are:

    • Reports
      • Aging Analysis
    • Billing
      • Insurance > Claim Query 
      • Payment Posting > Deposits
      • Payment Posting > Posting
      • Receipts > More > Import Receipts



  • F9015 - Converting Billing to Chrome - Claim Query:  With one of our major upgrades to the system, Billing > Insurance > Claim Query has been created to replace the current Billing Query and Billing Query (Advanced) screens. In an effort to continue expanding usability within the software and to ensure all users are on the same page, Billing Query will no longer be available after this release on 06/09/2022. We welcome and encourage all users to familiarize themselves with the new upgrades and layouts of Claim Query by reviewing documentation here

  • U12357 - New 'Always send Service Location on Claims' logic:  In order for practices to ensure that Service Location is always sent on an outbound claim (even if it matches the Practice address in Box 33), two new settings have been added to the Setup > Payers screen:
    • Electronic (837): Location Override 2310

    • Paper (CMS): Always display NPI Box 32a


  • U13418 - New Tooltip for imported Deposits:  Added a new information icon to the Deposits details screen. Hovering over this icon will display specific details about the imported file:


  • U12518 - New 'Error' status logic:  Currently, if an Eligibility request receives an error instead of a response, then the Eligibility check can get stuck in an Error status. Now, we have added a new company setting, Auto-Retry Error Batch Eligibilities, to the Batch Eligibility Setup screen.  If this company setting is enabled, any request with a Error  status will be re-sent nightly until they receive a response and are removed from the Error status...or until the appointment date passes.


Referred Care Billing

  • U13471 - Enhanced 'Aging Analysis' Report:  Updated/Enhanced several components of the Aging Analysis Report. To learn more about this report click here.
  • U13411 - Upload New York State Education Department 2021-2022 Program File for Referred Care Module:  The 2022-2023 NYSED School Year program file for our Referred Care Billing module has been loaded. This allows practices who participate yearly in this program to submit for the new school year. 

Note: The User queue functionality under the Billing Wheel > Collect section is currently not functioning. This is a known issue that the team is diligently working on and hope to have resolved as soon as possible.

Bug Fixes


Summary of Care

  • B13470 - CCDA Manual Export:  The manual CCDA export process was not completing for some users.


Order Entry

  • B10823 - Scrolling issues in 'Ordered by' List:  Chrome users were unable to use the keyboard up/down arrows to scroll through the Ordered By results list within the Order Entry chart tab.