Patient Communications Export

The eDocument Metadata Export extracts the details related to documents scanned into the patient record. Please note, this does not include the image itself.  You must contact iSalus Healthcare to obtain this information.  Below you will find a detailed definition of possible inputs and outputs.  

Data Location:  Setup > Patient > More > Patient Communications


  • None


  • last_name: Patient last name.
  • first_name: Patient first name.
  • middle_name: Patient middle name.
  • nick_name: Patient nick name.
  • suffix: Patient suffix.
  • chart_number: Unique ID for patient (foreign key).
  • mail_id: Unique ID for this communication record (primary key).
  • mail_reply_id: Unique ID for the communication record that this message was a reply to (foreign key).
  • subject: Subject for the communication.
  • message: HTML representation of the message body for the communication.
  • from:  Name of user who sent the message.
  • to:  Name of the user or group who received the message.
  • priority:  Message priority (1 = High, 2 = Normal, 3 = Low).
  • task_ind:  Message can be designated as tasks.  Task Indicator (Y = Yes, N = No).
  • task_owner:  Message can be designated as tasks. Name of user who owns the task.
  • task_completed_ind: Message can be designated as tasks. The completed indicator states if the task is completed or not.
  • task_completed_date: Message can be designated as tasks. This represents the date that the task was completed. 
  • post_date: Date the message was sent.