Changing a CPT Code & Resending a Claim

How to Change a CPT Code on a Claim and Submit the Corrected Claim

1.Go To Billing Portal.

2.Click on Billing Query.

3.Search for the Claim you wish to edit.

4.Double click on the claim to edit.

5.The claim will open, Right click on the service line and CPT code you wish to change.

6.Click Delete.

7.Click Yes.

8.Type in the CPT code you want to be in the claim.

9.Click Save.

10. You may resend the claim now if it has not already been billed> Follow to next steps below to send corrected claim:

11. If you need to resend a corrected claim.
Then click on add information on the lower left of the claim entry screen.

12. Click on Numbers, Codes, and Identifiers.

13. Put in resubmission Code of 7

14. And add the claim number as depicted below.

15. Now you can send a corrected claim following claim submission steps.