Complete an Advanced Search for Orders

The My Task - Orders list will display all open orders assigned to your user as the processor and/or your assigned user group. In the event, you would like to search for orders outside of your queue you may perform an Advanced Search to return a list of orders that meet specific criteria.

 Steps to Complete

  1. Navigate to the My Task - Orders
  2. Using the Search Field Dropdown, Select Advanced Search
  3. Using the available criteria:
    • Order #
    • Chart #
    • Requisition #
    • Results
    • Reviewed
    • Order Name
    • Type
    • Electronic (Electronic Orders are those that have a connected interface)
    • Order Date - From/To
    • Reviewed Date - From/To
    • Route
    • Status
    • Created By
    • Processor
    • Reviewed By
  4. Set your Max Rows to ensure your return the comprehensive list of results.

  5. Once you enter your search criteria, select the Magnifying Glass icon from the toolbar.