Payments Export

The Payments Export extracts the payment lines related to patient claims/procedures  Below you will find a detailed definition of possible inputs and outputs.  

Data Location:  Billing > Posting or Deposits


  • Deposit From: Beginning date for the deposit
  • Deposit To:  Ending date for the deposit
  • Deposit Post From: Beginning date for when the deposit was posted
  • Deposit Post To:  Ending date for when the deposit was posted
  • Owner: List of deposit owners to filter by
  • Payer: List of payers to filter by.
  • Service Location: List of service locations to filter by.
  • Rendering: List of rendering providers to filter by


  • Dep_Date:  Date of deposit
  • Dep_Post_date:  Date/Time deposit was posted
  • Paid_Amount:   Amount of the payment/adjustment
  • Primary_Insurance: Name of primary payer on the claim
  • Primary_fin_Class: Name of the primary insurance's assigned financial class
  • Secondary_Insurance: Name of secondary payer on the claim
  • Secondary_fin_Class: Name of the secondary insurance's assigned financial class
  • Tertiary_Insurance: Name of tertiary payer on the claim
  • Tertiary_fin_Class: Name of the tertiary insurance's assigned financial class
  • Adj_amount: Amount of the adjustment
  • Paid_By: Name of person/company that made the payment
  • Payment_Method: How the payment was made (i.e. Credit Card)
  • Payment_Type:  Type of payment made (i.e. CoPay)
  • Payment_Method_ID:  ID for the payment method used
  • User_Name; Name of user that posted the payment
  • Claim_Number:  ID of claim the payment is associated with
  • Service_Location:  Service location on the claim
  • Rendering: Rendering provider on the claim
  • Diagnosis_ID:  The unique ID for the procedure that was paid.