Sending Coupons to Patient/Pharmacy via OptimizeRx Integration

Once you have ensured that you have setup your providers and patients correctly to send/receive coupons, the interface does the rest of the work automatically.  Below is an overview of how this process works.

Pre-Processing by our Application

  1. On a nightly basis, we check to see what coupons/discounts are available via the OptimizeRx Integration
  2. This list of prescriptions and their corresponding coupon information is stored for user later.

Send Coupons to a Patient and/or the Pharmacy

  1. A prescription will be written in our application using the Medications chart tab.
  2. User clicks the Send button on the prescription pad.
  3. Before being sent, the following checks occur:
    1. Does this prescription have an available coupon?  If yes, get the necessary details.
    2. Is the provider configured to send coupon information? If yes, send coupon information in the electronic message to the pharmacy.
    3. Is the patient configured to receive text/email for a coupon?  If yes, a text/e-mail will be sent with the coupon details.
  4. The medication is sent electronically to the pharmacy.