Release 20.4 - Release August 20th, 2020

New Features


Chrome Compatibility

  • U10178 - Chrome compatibility conversion:  Since Microsoft® has begun the process of phasing out Internet Explorer (end of life: 8/17/21), we have started converting the remaining areas of our software (that were previously only compatible with IE) to be fully compatible with Chrome.   

Please note, we will be performing this conversion on the remaining 'IE-only' compatible sections of the software with each release. With this release, the newly converted areas that are now Chrome compatible are:

  • Call Reminder Setup
    • Call Reminder
  • Report Setup
    • Export Demographics
  • MML Setup
    • Responses


  • U9171 - Added the ability to display timestamps in any timezone format:  Since our clients utilize our software in various time zones (MST, EST, PST, CST, AKDT) we have added the ability to customize how times are displayed in the system for that user. The new timezone logic will display the timezone based on the priority described below:
    1. The default setting will be based on the zip code that is configured in the Company Profile (Settings > Company Profile):
    2. The timezone can also be configured by user. If a user has their own timezone configured then this will override the Company Profile setting above. Learn more about this user setting here:  User Setting: Timezone Zip Code

Please note, we will be rolling this new feature out to specific sections of the software with each release. With this release, the newly configured timezone as been added to the following places:

  • My Tasks
    • Prescriptions
  • EMR
    • Patient Comments
    • Patient Communications
    • Dialysis Rounds 
    • Vitals (History)
  • Billing
    • Patient Comments

Updates and Bug Fixes

My Tasks


  • U9296 - Converted LabCorp to use new 'Results' process:  LabCorp results will now appear in MyTasks > Results instead of exclusively in the MyTask > Orders section. This will allow Providers to view Lab results in one centralized location for the majority of interfaces. For additional information on using MyTasks > Results click here. 


Immunization Registry

  • U10277 - Passwords stored in the Immunization Registry were not being updated:  Resolved an issue where passwords entered/saved in the Interface Setup > Immunization Registry screen were not overwriting the old password.



  • U10059 - Added a Client drop-down selection to the Connect report:  Added a Client drop-down selection to the Daily Numbers Connect report which will allow users to run the report against a specific client:



  • B10215 - Company Setting for Vitals English vs. Metrics Units was not working correctly:  Resolved an issue where the Company Setting Default Vitals Units to English (vs. Metric) was not correctly defaulting all vitals to Metrics. For more information on this for click here.


  • B10119 - Files with a bad character in the name were failing on import:  Resolved an issue where files with a single quote (') in the filename would fail on import.


Patient Tooltip

  • U10264 - Added Secondary Insurance to the Patient Tooltip:  If a patient has a valid Secondary insurance it will now be displayed on the Patient Tooltip hover in both the iScheduler as well as the EMR screens:


Revenue Cycle Wheel

  • B10219 - Updated the filter on the New Deposits screen when launched from the Billing Wheel > Posts:  Resolved an issue where when clicking New Deposits from the Billing Wheel, the resulting Deposit screen was erroneously filtering out Deposits that included deposit dates in the future:


  • U10234 - Improved Deposit Payer Mismatch resolution process: Previously when processing ERAs, if the system was unable to determine the Deposit Payer but was able to link a Deposit Claim to a Payer, it back-populated that information into the deposit. Now, if the system is unable to link a Deposit Claim to a Payer, any error that gets resolved by setting the Payer on a Deposit Claim...will also set the Payer on the Deposit.
  • U9888 - Added a 'Collapse' option to the Human Readable ERA window:  In order to view the entire window of a Human Readable ERA, a 'Collapse' icon was added. This will make it easier to view both the ERA and Deposit window side by side when posting a check:
  • U10236 - Added a new Company Setting to create receipts on patient payment import over-payments: Previously, when importing patient payments, a payment would be applied to the designated claim in full...even if it led to a credit balance. To resolve this issue a new Company Setting was created called Deposit Import Receipt Payment Type ID. When a valid payment type ID is entered into this setting, a new receipt will be created in the amount of the over-payment, which will give user the option to apply it to a different claim.
  • U10024 - Modified implementation of auto-reported interest:  When setting the PLB Type for interest payments to 'Report Amount', the Payments field on the deposit will now take them into account as if they were applied to claims:
  • U10070 - Modified logic on Aging Analysis:  Claims that have a $0 balance will no longer appear on the Aging Analysis (Allowed Amount) report.
  • U9981 - Modified ERA Status logic:  Previously, for remit statuses unrelated to a Claim level (i.e., Denied, Reversal), the Deposit Claim's claim status was being set to the 'Next Insurance' value. Now it will be set to the editable 'No Insurance' value:
  • U9883 - Created separate reporting for both Provider and Claim Level Adjustments:  When resolving Deposit or Claim errors originating in Adjustments, users now have the option to 'Send to Deposit Reporting' instead of applying the money to lines. Users can access a report showing these adjustments by clicking on More > Deposit Reporting in the Deposits window:
  • U9795 - Added claim error if all procedure lines with balances are not addressed:  Sometimes claims have procedure lines that are not addressed by incoming ERAs. Previously, because there wasn't a denial being posted, the system was allowing these claims to move to the next level/status. Now, the system will throw an error - "ERA Missing Procedures" - which will allow users to find these instances and modify the claim level and status accordingly.