Release 23.01 - February 2nd, 2023

New Features and Updates


Company Settings and Patient Setup

  • U14130 - Add Process - Check Eligibility on dialysis patients once per month:  A new company setting has been created to support billing processes specific to Dialysis Patients. When checked, Company Setting: Dialysis Settings - Enable Monthly Eligibility Check will allow practices to automatically run eligibility for all dialysis patients. If a specific patient needs to opt out of this process while the company setting is enabled, users can navigate to Setup > Patients, find the specific patient, and in the dialysis section of their setup page, check the box ' Eligibility - Do Not Include in Monthly Eligibility Check'. 

Administrative Setup: Roles

  • U14533 - Create a Security Role to Limit Service Location Overwrite on a Appointment:  A security role called ' Appointment Service Location Override' has been created. This helps to prevent users from changing the default service location when scheduling an appointment, unless they have Write or Update access allowed for their user role. 
    • When the role is set to Write the user will be able to overwrite the default Service Location on an appointment. (This will be the default setting for all databases).
    • When the role is set to Update the user will be able to overwrite the default Service Location on an appointment.
    • When the role is set to Read the user will not be able to overwrite the default Service Location on an appointment.
    • When the role is set to Off the user will not be able to overwrite the default Service Location on an appointment.



  • U14509 - Add New 'Days To Sign Off' Connect Report to Release :  A new Connect Report called 'Days to Sign Off' has been added to Reports > EMR > Connect. Available selectable parameters are the {Start Date, End Date, Primary Provider}, with the following selectable Report Fields allowed: {Appointment ID, Appt Type Name, Encounter Date, Primary Signoff, Secondary Signoff, Primary DTS, Secondary DTS, Letter Template ID, Letter Template Name, SOAP Type, Chart, Primary Provider, Primary Username, Secondary Provider, Secondary User}. 


Print/Fax Queue

  • U8878 - Remove a Document in the Patient's Fax Queue: The Print/Fax Queue has been updated to support the ability of deleting items added there by users. Print queue items and fax queue items may now be deleted allowing practices to clear out unwanted items that were added to each queue. This can be accessed by navigating to EMR, loading a patient, and using the patient index card drop down to access the Print / Fax Queue. 



  • U14461- iScheduler - Multiple Appointments Check In Option:  A new company setting has been created called ' Check-In multiple appointments for the patient for the day'. If this setting is checked, the user will be prompted with the option to check in multiple appointments for the patient for the day if more than one exists. A new window will ask the user to select all appointments for the patient for the day, and update the status to 'Checked-In'. 


Provider Setup (Credentials)

  • U14334 - NAPC - Provider - Payer and Location Credential: A new section in Setup: Providers has been added when viewing a provider to modify under More... >  Payer / Location Credentials. When a new entry has been made to this screen that specifies the Payer, Service Location, and Identification #,  this updates both Electronic 837 Claims, and Paper claims for that payer and location to include that specified Identification number when a claim includes that specific payer and service location. This allows flexibility for providers to include unique identification numbers per payer / location combination. 

Claim Query

  • U13826 - Claim Query - Add Patient Phone Number Options: Claim Query Display display options now include Home, Work, and Other phone fields to be selectable as returnable columns, from the More > Change Display Settings screen

Procedure Code Search / Setup

  • U14170 - Procedure Code Search - Add Code Class to the Display Settings: Procedure Code Search / Setup options display options now include both the Code Class fields as a returnable column from More > Change Display Settings, as well as the ability to use the Advanced Search to filter for procedure codes with that Code Class. 

Bug Fixes


Chart Tabs

  • B14037 - Superbill Units Being Overwritten: Updating the number of units of a procedure code on a superbill will no longer be overwritten before a superbill is saved and other actions are taken before hand. This change has been made to the EMR and Quick Pay superbill/claim screens. 



  • B12015 - iScheduler - NaN displaying for >= 8 Resources:  Resolved an issue that occurred when users with greater than 7 resources selected were failing to display a patient count per resource column. 

Superbill Print

  • B13972 - Printed Superbill - Company Setting - Display Group Policy or Member ID Not Pulling Into Printed Superbill:  Adjustments to the company setting have been made to pull the correct Group Policy or Member ID for a specific patient based on the value entered. Based on the setting, the correct value will load onto a printed superbill for a patient from iScheduler. If the patient does not have a group policy, the member ID will populate if present, and vice versa.
  • B14209 - Day's Superbill Print Including Cancelled Patient Appointments:  Cancelled appointments are no longer to be included in the function 'Print Day's Superbills', for a specific day, and will be omitted from viewing when using this command from the right click menu. Users may still show all appointments for the day, find the cancelled appointment, and individually print that cancelled appointments' superbill if needed. 
  • B14322 - Print Superbill - 2 Digit Month Being Cut Off: Double digit months were not displaying the left digit (tens' place) on a printed superbill in the lower right hand corner. This has been resolved and the months of October, November, and December will now fully display their month digit values. 
  • B14440 - Superbill Day's Print Not Printing in Scheduled Time Order: The order of organization has been updated when viewing superbills through the Print Day's Superbills function. This resolved an issue where chronological order was not being shown correctly for scheduled patients when printing the day's superbills. 
  • B14447 - iSchedule - Index Card - Print Superbill - Not Printing Current Day's Superbill: An issue where selecting an individual patient superbill to print from the Patient Index dropdown has been resolved. Rather than printing all of the patient's previous superbills, it will only print the patient's superbill for today's encounter or appointment. 


 Referred Care

  • B14539 - Referred Care New Claim Wizard Calendar Year, Month, and Arrows Not Functioning as Expected: Resolved an issue with the z-index that was preventing users from choosing certain buttons on the calendar along with minor changes to the screen itself for general improvements to user experience.