Order Entry Overview

The order entry chart tab is used to place a myriad of orders specific to your practice for patient encounters. Orders have the ability to be sent to processors These can be configured during implementation or via support requests following your transition. 

Once an order is placed, depending on the type may be sent to an external system such as a laboratory if you have an interface. Results for placed orders may be received as a hard copy, fax, or electronically in My Task - Results via an inbound interface.

The order entry chart tab accounts for many types of orders but primarily can be categorized into the following: Scheduling/Follow-Up Orders, Surgeries, In-Office Procedures, Labs, Radiology, Referrals, and DME. However, custom orders can be created to account for unique workflows. A Template Change Request Form can be submitted to support in order to make changes to existing orders or to add additional options.

Each order type or individual order can have an Order Fulfillment tied to it. Order fulfillment is a custom template that holds the details for a specific order. For example, a surgery order may have an order fulfillment template tied to it to gather pre-op labs, pertinent negatives, location details, etc. All these details can then be populated onto a requisition.