Deposit Date vs Deposit Post Date

When a practice is reporting on collections/payments/income, there are two dates which specifically relate to this data: Deposit Date and Deposit Post Date.  

The Deposit Date is the date that a payment was received at either the bank or the practice. Some practices try to match this date up with either their bank statement or general ledger program. It is up to the practice how this date is used/entered. This may also be the date an adjustment is completed, or show the date a refund check was sent out from the practice. 

The Deposit Post Date is the date that a payment was applied to a claim and saved. This applies to both payments and adjustments. 

These two types of dates apply to any report which includes payment info. Example reports are Payment Analysis, Practice Summary, Reconciliation, Billing Analytics, and others. Different data will be returned depending on which date range is selected.