Unable to start a Telehealth Session

The AnywhereCare telehealth module runs on Google Chrome specifically. When attempting to run a telehealth visit and being unable to start the visit, the below are common troubleshooting tips. 

Allow Camera and Microphone Access

  1. In the Google Chrome URL bar, click the Lock icon.

  2. Set the Microphone, Camera, and Pop-Ups to Allowed.
  3. Your camera should now be visible in the upper left corner and able to start the Telehealth visit. 

Can't Click "Start Visit" - Chrome Extensions Blocking Access

Some Google Chrome extensions, Dragon being a known extension, block access to specific buttons when they are activated. 

  1. Right-Click on the Chrome Extension in your browser and select the Manage Extensions option.

  2. Inactivate the extension by clicking the slider button.

  3. Close out of Chrome and re-launch the telehealth visit.