Statement Check Workflow

Statement Posting Workflow Video

Statement Posting Steps

  1. Statements should be created as a new Statement Deposits in the Deposits window.

  2. All claims associated with the statement will be automatically added, and the check amounts will be auto-disbursed across procedures with remaining balances. They will be applied from the oldest procedure to the newest.

  3. Once you are satisfied with how the money has been allocated in the deposit, you can send it to posting.  

  4. Based on the results of posting process, the following will happen with the claim:
    1. Remaining Balance on claim:  
      1. Claim Status = Will stay as is.
      2. Claim Level = Will stay as is.
    2. No remaining balance on claim: 
      1.  Claim Status = Done
      2. Claim Level = Completed.
    3. Credit on claim:  
      1. Claim Status = Company Setting, 
      2. Claim Level = Will remain unchanged.