Batch Details

The Batch Details Screen can be accessed by opening any row on the Batches screen. This screen can be used to review statement batches before or after sending. In addition this screen can be used to Send/Re-send or Print/Re-print statement batches, export batch information to Excel,  and download an electronic version of the statement batch.


Batch Details

  • IDs: The batch and submission id of the statement batch.
  • Statement: The date the statement batch was run.
  • Submitted: The date the statements were submitted to the statement processor or printed in the office.
  • Due: The due date for the generated statements within the statement batch.
  • Processor: The processor the statement batch was built for.
  • Printed: The print status of the statement batch.
  • Status: The status of the statement batch.
  • Type: The type of statement batch.
  • Total: The total balance of the batch's statements.
  • Count: The number of statements in the statement batch.
  • Warning: The number of warnings in the statement batch.


  • Checkbox: Selection box that will be used for the Remove and Remove Past Due Actions.
  • Warnings: Used to denote this statement being in a warning status. Has an icon for financial warnings (credits or open receipts, denoted by a dollar sign warning icon) or misc warnings (regular warning icon).
  • Responsible Party: Shows the responsible party receiving the statement. 
    • Note: If responsible party is under 18 follow the name with (Minor).
  • Patient: The patient's account number and name whose claims are included on the statement.
  • Claims: The number of claims whose balances are in the statement.
  • Balance: Total balance of all claims included in the statement.
  • Last Statement: The date this responsible party last received a statement for this patient.
  • Level: The level used to produce the statement message. 
  • Message: The message that will appear at the top of the statement based on its aging date or number of statements previously sent.
  • Actions: Doc icon to view the statement and a View icon to open Statement Details.


  • Send/Re-send: Sends or Re-sends the batch of statements to the statement processor.
  • Print/Re-print: Prints or Re-prints the batch of statements to a local printer.
  • Export: Exports the statements in the batch as a list to a .csv file.
  • Download: Downloads the electronic statement file that was produced for the processor.
  • Remove: Removes the selected statements from the batch and places them on the Ready to Send window.
  • Past-Due: Removes the selected statements from the batch and places them on the Ready to Send window in the past-due status. 
  • Inactivate: Inactivates a batch that has not been sent. These statements will not appear on the patient accounts and will not advance the statement levels.