Overview of Patient AMP

The Patient AMP stands for Patient Allergies, Medications, and Problems.  This panels was added to the EMR so that users can quickly see key data points (like Allergies) regardless of where they are at in the patient chart.  Over the years, this section has grown to display Allergies, Medications, Problems, Vitals, and Lab Results.

2024 AMP Enhancements:


Enhancements have been made to the AMP section within the Patient Chart, aimed at presenting relevant information effectively, tailored to the specific needs of the user who is logged in. These improvements encompass the following aspects:


  1. Providing additional Vitals data elements (BP, Pulse, Respiration, Height, and Weight, BMI)
  2. Providing the most recent 3 Vitals records for at-a-glance trending of vitals data
  3. Providing new Practice Settings that can be set to identify a cutoff range for vitals data to display, setting upper and lower limits for BP and BMI data that will display high range data in red and low range data in blue


  1. Providing the most recent 3 Lab Results records for at-a-glance trending of Lab Results data
  2. Including the display of indicators for out-of-range results (e.g., 'H' and 'L' flags) and formatting those data items in red font 


  1. Formatting update to improve readability of Medication details

Other Updates:

  1. Formatting updates to improve visibility to access setup screens and to make the expand/collapse functionality of categories in the AMP section more intuitive  
  2. Enhancement to the AMP setup allowing users to turn on/off new vitals fields, and giving users the ability to set the order for the AMP categories