Letter Quick Pick Definitions

Quick picks are used to populate a wide variety of data points from the patient's chart or specific encounters onto a letter and/or SOAP Note. This article will describe the available quick picks within the letters setup section of the system.


All quick picks include << prefix and >> suffix when displayed in the Letters Setup and required for the quick pick to pull in the data.
Quick PickSource of DataNote Display
Patient Encounter Orders - Appointment ProviderOrders during an encounter where the Rendering Provider = Scheduled Resource Orders
  • {Order 1} for ({Dx1}, {Dx2}..)
  • {Order 2} for ({Dx1}, {Dx2}..)
Patient Encounter Rx Detailed New - Appointment ProviderMedications with the status of New & Prescribed By the Scheduled Resource. New Medications
  • {RxName, Dispense, Start}