Database Setup

Database Setup

During Week 2 of your Implementation, the Implementation Team is hard at work creating your database. The team will use a combination of the completed Welcome Packet, as well as notes from the Kick off Call discussion to create the unique data points within the database. Week 2 is a prime time to discuss the data conversion and interface details. Due to the process of data conversion and interface configurations typically running the length of the implementation, it is important to get the groundwork laid out early in the implementation process to ensure expectations are appropriately set for the Go-Live. 

The iSalus Implementation Team utilizes Asana (a project management tool) to track all tasks, progress, and milestones during the entire implementation process. During Week 2, key members from the practice, that will be responsible for managing a portion of the implementation, should expect to receive an invite to Asana via email. Key members will be responsible for reviewing, completing, and assigning tasks within Asana. Members of Asana will be asked to review Asana on a regular basis to stay informed on the project's status. 

Data Conversion

One of the most critical elements of the Go-Live is the data import. In preparation for the the Data Conversion Process, the Implementation Team will coordinate an introductory call between the iSalus Data Conversion Team and the Practice. At which time, the following Practice members should be in attendance:

  • Practice Administrator
  • Clinical Team Lead
  • Billing Team Lead
  • IT/Data Team Lead (if applicable)

The purpose of this 60-minute conversation is to discuss the timeline for the data conversion process, the expectations regarding the delivery and formatting of the data, and to answer any data-related concerns that the practice may have. 


New interfaces will require additional project scoping with the outside interface vendor(s), where appropriate timelines would be provided. Some practices will require an additional discussion regarding lab interfaces, imaging interfaces, or other ancillary interfaces. Typically, post Kick off Call, the lead Project Manager may request an additional meeting with members of the practice and/or iSalus development resources for a deeper interface discussion. In some situations, a representative from the outside lab or imaging vendor may be asked to be in attendance. Next steps will be determined at the conclusion of this meeting. 

IT Specifications and Equipment Configuration

iSalus and the Choice solutions are a cloud-based system, providing a seamless connection for our customers. However, like most software, practices will need to ensure that their equipment meets the iSalus technical requirements and is configured properly in preparation for Go-Live. 

Practices and their respective IT partners are responsible for reviewing, understanding, and testing the iSalus Technical Requirements. The following milestones are expected to be tested prior to Go-Live:

  1. Internet Explorer Autoconfigure has been ran and installed 
  2. Adobe Acrobat Reader has been installed
  3. TWAIN Drivers have been installed for scanning
  4. Antivirus compatibility
  5. Additional software has been installed (Dragon dictation, etc)

The practice and their respective IT representative are responsible for working together to understand the appropriate technical requirements and for completing the iSalus Technical Requirements Acknowledgement, at least 1 month prior to Go-Live. 

Intelligent Intake Buildout Begins

The Intelligent Intake platform will be configured with the specific documents provided by the practice; including, but not limited to, HIPAA, Notice of Privacy Practices, Financial Policies, Consent Forms, etc. The practice is expected to share any potential documents to be built for use in the Intelligent Intake during Week 2 of the implementation. Forms and/or documents shared after this due date can not be guaranteed to be ready for the scheduled Go-Live. 

Forms may be uploaded and shared via Asana. The assigned iSalus Project Manager will review the forms in preparation for customization. In the event that further documentation or clarification is required, meetings may be arranged to discuss the layout or configuration for specific forms. Once both parties understand the technical buildout, the customization team will begin building the assigned forms. 

The assigned iSalus Project Manager will review forms as they are completed by the customization team. The practice is responsible for reviewing all forms in detail. Any questions, changes, or modifications to the completed forms should be submitted to the assigned Project Manager before the assigned due date in Asana. The due date is dependent on the Practice's scheduled Go-Live. All customized intake forms are expected to be completed a minimum of 3 weeks prior to Go-Live.