Appointment Hover Tooltip

The Appointment Hover Tooltip allows quick access to information about the patient and appointment.  This also gives the user the ability to edit items as needed.

When a user hovers over the appointment in the iScheduler, the Appointment Hover Tooltip will display.  The following details can be viewed

  • Appointment date
  • Appointment time
  • Patient Full Name
  • Chart#
  • Primary Insurance Name
  • Type - Appointment Type
  • Recurring- Whether the appointment is recurring or not
  • Last Modified by - User that last modified the appointment
  • Scheduled by - User that scheduled the appointment
  • Eligibility - Status of eligibility
  • Chief Complaint

Items may be viewed and edited:

  • Edit - opens the Appointment details to allow for edits and to view more information
  • Move - allows users to quickly move the appointment to a new day and/or time without opening the appointment

  • Patient Setup - Opens Patient Setup screen to view/edit details about patient
  • Patient History- Opens Patient Transaction History screen to view claim balances and payments
  • Send Comm. -  For sending a patient or office communication
  • Extension/Vital - Link to Encounter templates
  • Audit - List of users with times and dates of modifications to appointments
  • Eligibility - Quick access to view and run eligibility