View Patient Transaction History

The Patient History screen will show the transaction history for a selected patient. This report can be used to view a current balance, as well as providing the patient transaction history for tax or reporting purposes. 


  1. With a selected patient, click the drop down next to the Patient Index Card.

  2. Select the Patient History option from the drop down menu.

  3. Set the ledger view to the expanded view with the icon in the top toolbar.

  4. You will have claim balances and info on the left side, details on the right side. To add details, click the drop down in the claims toolbar at the top.

  5. Include all Balance Types by checking the boxes to include unsubmitted claims and insurance balances. Set any appropriate date filters and click the Search icon.

  6. To print the report, click the Print icon in the upper left toolbar.

  7. Print the Detail Report to include all transactions, procedure lines, and claim numbers.