Add rounds to the Hospital Rounds List on OfficeEMR Mobile

The Hospital Rounds List in the OfficeEMR Mobile application will allow a user to add a new patient to the Hospital Rounds List.


  1. Tap the Schedule icon on the home screen.  
  2. Tap the Rounds icon from the toolbar.

  3. Tap the ... icon in the upper right.

  4. Select Add Round.

  5. Enter the Round Details.

  6. Click Done.

Appointment Details

  • Patient: The patient assigned to the round.
  • Room Number: The room that the patient is in.
  • Admission Date:  The date the patient was admitted to the hospital.
  • Visit Date:  The date that the patient will be seen.
  • Reoccurs Daily:  If the patient is likely to be in the hospital for more than 1 day, it is best to set the Reoccurs Daily to On. This will ensure the patient is on the Hospital Rounds list every day until they are discharged.
  • Schedule With: The resource assigned to the patient round.  You should only set this value if a specific provider at your practice should see this patient. Otherwise, leave it blank.  
  • Location: The service location where the patient is scheduled.
  • Referring: The referring provider for the round.
  • Comments:  Internal comments related to this hospital stay.