Deposit Permissions - Role Setup

The security for the new deposit screens and workflows will be inherited from the old process.  In most cases this will require no additional setup by practices.  In the case where a practice may want to fine tune their user roles following the steps below will allow that.

Setting Deposit Permissions - Role Setup

Start by going to the Setup Portal and choosing the Roles option.

When Roles opens you will want to find the Practice - General section in the Groups column and select Deposit Posting.

You can now define your permissions by selecting each section in the Screens column and then assigning the permission level accordingly.

The new Screens in this section are:

  • Administration Deposit Edit
  • Administration Deposit Ignore
  • Administration Deposit Reset
  • Administration Deposit Send to
  • BC_DepositForm.asp
  • Deposit Claims
  • Deposit Payments Search
  • Deposit Setup
  • Deposit Search
  • ERA 835 display
  • ERA Payment Setup
  • New Deposit