iScheduler Toolbar

The iScheduler Toolbar is located in the iScheduler portal, at the top left of the screen.  


  1. Today:  You have the ability to move to a future or past date in the iScheduler.        Click  to navigate back to the current date.
  2. Time Period : Select to navigate to a future date based on days, weeks, months or years. 


  1. Search Open: Select to search for open appointments based any combination of Resource, Location, Length, Appt Type within designated time period.        To filter by Appt Type, resource needs to be associated with that Appt Type in Resource set-up.  Click Search to display results.


  1. Search Recall:  You can add a new Recall or search Recalls from the Search Recall screen.        
  • Add New Recall:  A new recall can be added for future appointments you aren’t ready to schedule.  Click on New and enter the details, then select OK

  • Search Recall: You can search for a previously added Recall by clicking Search Recall and entering your criteria, i.e. Resource, Begin and End Date, then select Search


  • Open:  Select Open to view the recall created for that patient

  • Open Patient:  Select Open Patient to open Patient Setup for selected patient

  • Schedule:  Takes you to iScheduler to schedule selected patient from list.

  • Print Recall List: To print a list of the recalls for your search criteria, select the drop down next to the Search Results menu, then click Select All.  You can then select print to print or export the list of patients

  • Print Recall Letters:  To print letters for patients from your search criteria, select the letter template you want to print for all patients selected on the list, then click Print Letter (this brings individual letters for all patients on the list in a viewer where you can print all letters.

  1. Intake Schedule: Select Intake Schedule to view scheduled patients intake assignments.        By default, the Intake Schedule opens to Today; however, you can use the search criteria to search by Schedule date, Resource Group or Resource.  From here you can assign an intake, merge completed forms and view completed forms

  1. Patient: Select the Patient icon for Patient Setup or drop down options
  • Opens Patient Setup for selected patient

  • Dropdown options

  1. Help: Select the Help icon to view shortcuts or the iSalus University

  • Shortcuts – view Alt Key and Control Key tips

 iScheduler Toolbar video