Release 20.10 - Release November 19th, 2020

Updates and Bug Fixes


  • U10661 - CHIRP updates to VFC Eligibility:  Support for Inactive Funding Sources sent over via HL7 have now been updated to include VXC1 Federal Funds.


Data Export

  • U10945 - Added a Patient ID column to the Data Export report:  Added a Patient ID column to the Data Export results (Financial Info > Payments.) 


  • U10991 - Data Extract Files were blank:  For some users, when extracting the Mingle Quality Files for All Providers the results were blank. This issue has been resolved. 



  • U10156 - Timestamps on QuickPay receipts were not reflecting the correct Timezone:   Resolved an issue where timestamps on receipts generated from the QuickPay window were not reflecting the new User timezone setting.



  • B10863 - Grouped documents could not be deleted:  Resolved an issue where users were unable to delete grouped documents.
  • B10849 - Imported TIFF files were not opening in the correct window:  Resolved an issue where imported TIFF (.tiff) files were being incorrectly set to automatically open in a third party viewer instead of within the OfficeEMR application


  • U10395 - Increased the data limit for text areas:  Increased the number of characters you can save in a Template text area from 10,000 to 50,000. 
  • U8803 - Boolean Logic for Intakes: Logic for boolean on intake forms when checkboxes are not selected has been integrated when using radio controls on individual checkbox items for all chart tab templates and types. Templates can now be modified to choose between two global entities, using boolean logic. When an intake option is selected, option A can be chosen on the intake. When an intake option is ignored on an intake, option B can now be chosen on a template. This supercedes the previous logic, where when an intake item was ignored or unchecked, no associated template item could be marked. For integration of this type of logic in existing intake forms, please submit a template change request



  • U10465 - Added two new columns to the Authorizations search results screen:  In order to track who created Authorizations and when they were created, two new fields were added to the Authorization Search results screen - Created Date and Created By:


  • B10999 - ERA not displaying line item information:  For some users if the service date information was missing then the Human Readable ERA would not generate all lines correctly. This has been resolved.


Support for macOS BigSur

  • The OfficeEMR login page would not display for some iOS users:  Resolved an issue where Mac users running the latest iOS version, 'Big Sur' were unable to see the OfficeEMR login page.