CKCC Practice Defined Dropdown Lists

CKCC Practice Defined Options:

To give practices some flexibility on visibility and tracking fields, we have included 4 practice-defined drop down list items that can be created for practice tracking related to CKCC. For example, a practice could set up one of the 4 fields to have a list of Dialysis Locations, or a Disease Level (e.g., CKD 3, CKD 4, etc.). Setting up these Practice Defined fields is as shown below.

Important Note: You only have 4 user defined drop-down lists that can be created, and it is important to understand how your practice will use these CKCC features before configuring these 4 optional - but permanent - practice lists. The reason is that once the list is created, it cannot be deleted (only disabled). This is necessary to preserve historically associated patient data. 

It is best practice to configure these optional list(s) after a thorough internal review to make determinations on how your practice is best served utilizing these 4 available custom lists. If, in the future, you decide they are no longer needed in the future, they must be inactivated but cannot be deleted to preserve historical data. When you are ready to proceed, the steps to build these custom lists is noted below. Consider building only 1 list to begin with, and reserve the remaining 3 lists for future use (after you have had an opportunity to use the CKCC module, you will likely determine the best use case for your practice workflows). 

  1. Access the Setup portal
  2. Choose CKCC Groups under the new CKCC Setup header
  3. Select new icon to add your first practice CKCC practice-defined Group Description label for a new drop-down list to be used in documenting CKCC patients.
  4. Input your desired Group Description label name, then save, then check active and save again
  5. You should see your new CKCC Group label displayed with a Group ID#, the description you chose, and the Active column should be set to ‘Y’ if you want this accessible to system users.
  6. With a CKCC Group Description label created, access CKCC Dropdowns under the CKCC Setup header
  7. Use the same series of steps to create your drop-down items to be associated with the CKCC Group Description label you created in step 4, but note for this step you will need to identify the Group Number. Notice how can add your desired list of items to be available in the drop-down list for the specified Group Number.
  8. The result of creating the CKCC Group Description label and the CKCC Dropdowns list will be as you see in the image label #8 below
  9. Repeat these steps to build each of the Group/Dropdown lists that you need (with a maximum of 4 practice defined lists).