I do not have a .PFX saved on my computer and I am unable to complete the EPCS Mobile Authentication setup in iSalus. How do I get the .PFX file?

When setting up the EPCS IdenTrust Mobile Authentication process, it is imperative that you back up the .PFX (certificate file) that IdenTrust provides.  This .PFX file must be loaded as part of the following process: Add your IdenTrust Mobile Certificate to your OfficeEMR User Account.  If you can not find the .PFX file, you most likely skipped the backup process described here: Retrieve your IdenTrust Mobile Certificate.

To fix this you will need to restart at step 1 in the following guide: Retrieve your IdenTrust Mobile Certificate. Be absolutely sure that you do not skip this step (see below). This step saves the .PFX file to the location of your choosing on your computer.