Using iSalus


The Billing portal is where all functions related to the revenuce cycle process take place. This includes creating, reviewing, and submitting claims, posting payments, managing AR, submitting statements, and much more.


The eDocuments portal is used to manage all documents that may have been scanned or loaded into the application in some other way. Practices can use eDocuments to organize company documents, patient documents, documents for a resource, and documents for a payer. eDocuments is flexible enough to allow an organization to create their own hierarchy of cabinets, drawers, and folders so that documents are easily filed away and accessed later.


The EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is where all clinical documentation for a patient is stored. The EMR allows a provider to open a patient record to both see past documentation, graph out lab results, view scanned documents. This is also where entire visits for appointments will be documented, medications will be prescribed from, and much more.

Intelligent Intake

Gathering and updating data for patients can become a cumbersome process that requires a significant amount of data entry by your staff. The Intelligent Intake automates many of these tasks for you. Our intake process is capable of capturing data related to both practice management and clinical data that flows directly into a patient's chart. This will allow your practice to spend more time on patient care and less time on data entry. The intake can also capture patient payments and electronic signatures so you can do away with paper intake packets. Filling out these forms will save time in both your front and back office, and allow you to spend more time with patients than paper.


The iScheduler is used to manage all appointments for a resource within the application. An appointment is a critical building block in the overall workflow of the practice.

My Tasks

The My Tasks portion of the application is where all work items assigned to an individual or group are housed. Tasks are broken down by categories like Communications, Results, Faxing, and much more. The My Tasks provides a centralized place to manage work that needs to get done throughout the day.


The Reporting portal is used to centralize the vast majority of reporting features available in the application.