The iSalusSchedule.AppointmentList webservice is used to obtain appointment data for a practice based on given inputs.  Both the input and output of this webservice mirrors that which is available in the Data Export window for Appointments.

Sample Call


        <userid />

Element Description


The Request element will serve as a wrapper for the entire body of the XML request.

Request > Security

See documentation for the Security node here:  Access to Webservices

Request > From_date

The beginning appointment date.

Request > EndDate

The ending appointment date.


<response xmlns="http://www.isalushealthcare.webservices/">
            <nick_name />
            <name_suffix />
            <start_time>12/07/2020 10:00AM</start_time>
            <end_time>12/07/2020 10:45AM</end_time>
            <resource_name>6801 Dixie Hwy- Louisville Peds</resource_name>
            <appointment_type_name>Annual Exam</appointment_type_name>
            <chief_complaint>Annual Physical Exam</chief_complaint>

Element Description


The Response element will server as a wrapper for the entire body of the XML response.

Response > Appointment_list

The Appointmnet_list element will serve as a wrapper for all individual appointments.  

Response > Appointment_List> List_Item

The List_Item element will serve as a wrapper for each individual appointment and all the necessary details.

Response > Appointment_List> List_Item > Nodes

For all remaining elements, please refer to the Data Export guide for Appointments that explains the response elements:  Appointments Export