Release 20.1.4 - Patch Release May 12th, 2020

Updates and Bug Fixes



  • Payer Matching Logic Updated:  We have enhanced the way that we are matching the payer on the deposit with the correct payer on the claim.  The new matching algorithm will attempt to match on the payer ID, then the patients Member ID.  If a match can not be found, users will see a claim error that needs resolved. 
  • Expanded the search functionality on the Statement field:  The Statement ID field search will now include the Patient Name as well as the Patient Chart Number in its results. Previously, this search only supported the name of the responsible party.
  • Human Readable ERAs were not printing correctly:  If a user tried to print an ERA from the Open Human Readable ERA link then the results may have been too small to read if there was a sentence that did not word-wrap.


  • Provider Advanced Search screen not working:  When searching by Rendering Provider users were unable to open the results in order to view the Provider details.


Order Entry

  • Error while saving Lab Orders:  Some users would experience an error when saving Lab Orders. This was due to the system incorrectly requiring an ICD code on previously removed Lab Orders.

Dialysis Visits

  • Unable to save templates with carriage returns: When adding information into a Dialysis Visits template, if a carriage return was entered (a line break) then the template would not save.


  • eDocuments were not always syncing between OfficeEMR and the iOS OfficeEMR mobile app:  Documents/Photos that were uploaded using the OfficeEMR mobile app would sometimes fail to display in the desktop version of OfficeEMR.