Deposit Reconciliation Report fields

Once you have set your parameters and hit 'Search,' you will see the Deposit Reconciliation data appear in the body of the report with the following fields:

  1. Deposit ID: The system ID of the deposit. 
  2. Deposit Date: The deposit date manually entered in the deposit. 
  3. Check #: The check number that came in on an ERA, or which was entered on a manual deposit. 
  4. Payer Name: The payer on the deposit. 
  5. Status: The current status of the deposit.
    1. Build: This status means the deposit is currently being built. It's rare to see deposits in this status. 
    2. Ignore: The deposit has been ignored. This is frequently done when a deposit has been posted into a different practice or financial management system. 
    3. New: The deposit has not yet been ignored or sent to posting. 
    4. Sent to Posting: The deposit has been sent to posting. 
  6. Posting Status: The current posting status of the deposit. This will typically be one of the following:
    1. Disbursed: The deposit has been completely disbursed, and every related item in the posting screen is resolved. 
    2. Not Disbursed: The deposit has either not been sent to posting, or has outstanding items in the posting window. 
  7. Deposit: The total deposit amount. 
  8. Payments: The payments tentatively assigned to claim lines from the deposit, whether posted or not. 
  9. Adjustments: The adjustments tentatively assigned to claim lines from the deposit, whether posted or not. 
  10. Exclusions: The amounts of the deposit claims excluded from posting. 
  11. Posted Paid: The payments currently posted from this deposit to claim lines. 
  12. Posted Adj: The adjustments currently posted from this deposit to claim lines. 
  13. Type: The type of the deposit. 
    1. EOB: Indicates a manually entered EOB deposits. 
    2. ERA: Indicates ERA deposits sent from the Clearinghouse. 
    3. Import: Indicates deposits that were manually imported into the system. 
    4. Statement: Indicates statement deposits, whether imported manually or automatically from PaySimple.
  14. User: The user assigned to the deposit. 
  15. Disbursed: The date the deposit was fully disbursed, if applicable. 
  16. Sent Posting: The date the deposit was sent to posting, if applicable.