Intake Letter Filters for Intelligent Intake (Insurance & Date)

This article describes the functionality available for Intake Letter Filters within the Intelligent Intake. If you DO NOT have access to Setup > Letters, then you will either need to have your permissions changed via Roles OR reach out to Support with a Template Change Request Form (TCRF) to request these changes (recommended).

Executive Summary

Only display specific signature forms to patients based upon date and insurance rules. This filter assists in customizing the patient's experience of Intelligent Intake without being burdened with the unnecessary or redundant paperwork.

Letter Filter Use

Letter Filters were introduced to allow practices additional automation options for signature forms within the Intelligent Intake. Filters may be applied to include or exclude letters (signature forms) within the Intelligent Intake based on Date and/or Insurance configurations.

An agreement specific to a payer or financial class may only be needed once a year. An Intake Letter can be configured with these constraints to ensure the patient with Medicare is only presented* with the document once every 12 months *Assumes the patient is assigned an Intake Form containing the configured letter

Screen Definitions

Letter Availability & Types

The checkboxes located at the top of the Advanced Letter Options are used to determine where the letter is available throughout the web application. None of these options affect the Intake Letter's display. However, it is important to note that often the letters without an assignment here are considered inactive.

Printing Options (greyed-out) should not be modified as they are used for letters without PDF Print Layouts applied, this is irrelevant to the Intake Letter Filters.

Date Filters

Similar to the Intake Template Filter, timing rules may be applied to letters associated with the Intelligent Intake. These rules determine if the letter is presented to the patient within the assigned Intake Form.  

Intake Sign Off

The intake sign-off button determines if the letter is able to be assigned to Intake Forms. This must be selected to configure the date filters described below.


The Intake Letter will Always be displayed to the patient when filling out an Intake Form containing this letter.

Every ## Months

In cases where an Intake Letter only needs to be completed by a patient every so often, this configuration will accept the cadence in which the letter is displayed to the patient. Based on the most recent instance of that letter existing within the patient's chart, the configured range will be checked against that date. If the letter was not completed within the configured months, the Intake Letter will display within the assigned Intake Form.

After Specific Date

Often there are policies that come into effect after specific dates, this option allows an Intake Letter to remain hidden until the specified date. This configuration allows the practice to plan for new policies ahead of time and ensure the forms are presented to patients at the correct time.

Populate Signature on File

The signature on file option does not affect the Intake Letter's ability to be displayed within the intake, but it will set the Signature on File Date within Patient Setup once the Intake Form is submitted and merged into the chart.

Insurance Filters

Notice the figure above, this section of the screen should be viewed as 2 separate conditions that can be met in order to display the section to the patient. You have the option to configure the Primary Payer OR Primary Insurance Type the patient has on file. There are then corresponding options below for Secondary Insurance.

The two conditions are evaluated separately, if either condition is true the letter will be displayed to the patient.


The Payer dropdown allows the section of Active and Inactive payers. This condition will only be evaluated if the checkbox is selected.

Insurance Type

The Insurance Type dropdown contains a list of all financial classes available in the system. The condition will only be evaluated if the checkbox is selected.

NOTE: Only a Payer OR Insurance Type of a Primary can be selected. You can not set up an option for a specific primary payer and specific primary financial class in the same Intake Letter Filter.