Creating a Claim Comment

  1. When creating a claim comment, you should start with the Claim Comment window as seen here:

  2. Select New to start a new comment, or Default to select from a list of default comments:

  3.  Modify the comment text as desired:

  4. If you would like to record what action was taken for future reporting on Biller Productivity, select a biller action by clicking the magnifying glass. In this instance, the biller called the insurance company, so they will select "Insurance Call." Visit here for more information about setting up Biller Actions.

  5. Set the date that a biller should follow up if this claim is not resolved. Currently, this will just be for the benefit of whoever is viewing this comment -- they will be able to see if they don't need to follow up yet. In the future, we have plans to incorporate this date into the biller workflow through intelligent reporting.