eDocuments Recent Patients List

Accessing Recent Patients in the eDocuments

When you want to access the new Patient Last Search feature in eDocument,  you will click on the drop-down arrow next to the patient search text box and choose the option for Recent Patients. This pops up the Recent Patients list for you to select and open a recent patient. If the patient that you want is not on the list, then you will just type your patient name into patient search text box, as you normally do for searching and opening a patient.

Any time you input a search into the patient search text box and open a patient from the list of search results, that patient is added to your Recent Patients list and becomes one of your available for quick selection everywhere you have access to the Recent Patient list in OfficeEMR. Keep in mind that this list provides access to your last 10 most recently searched and opened patients only.

  1. Access eDocuments
  2. Click folder icon on toolbar to open patient search bar
  3. Click on Advanced Search button to view the Recent Patients list under Commonly Used header section
  4. Notice a list of your most recently searched and opened patients from OfficeEMR displays and provides efficient access to open selected patient. 
    Note: If the patient you need is not listed then you would input a search in the Advanced Search screen or close Advanced Search and input your patient search into the patient search field on the Patient Search screen in order to access your desired patient record.