ERA Workflow

ERA Workflow Video

ERA Workflow Steps

  1. If your practice doesn't post to the bank, ERAs received should be sent to posting automatically using the Auto Post ERA Delay company setting.

  2. If not auto-posting ERAs, you will need to use the RCM Wheel to go to New ERA Deposits. Open each to click "Send to Posting." This is the step that is automated if #1 is properly set.

  3. If a deposit has a critical error, the deposit will be stopped even if auto-posting is turned on, giving you a chance to resolve errors before it moves to the auto-posting process. You can the RCM Wheel to navigate to deposits with outstanding Deposit Errors and resolve them.

  4. If the auto-posting process encounters claim or procedure errors that (according to how the system has been customized) prevent posting, any impacted deposit claims will not be posted. You can use the RCM Wheel to navigate to deposit claims with Posting Errors and resolve them.