Add & Enable the EPCS Credential

This article describes part 2 of the EPCS Credentialing process. Following the Complete EPCS Enrollment via steps, a user will be expected to Add & Enable their certificate to the OfficeEMR user account. This article describes the necessary steps to complete this portion of the configuration.

Steps to Complete

  1. As the Prescriber, login to OfficeEMR
  2. Navigate to User Setup (Setup > User Setup OR from the bottom-left corner, select "Current User")
  3. Within User Setup, open the Credential Setup Screen (#1 above)

  4. Once opened, select the Credential Type dropdown, and select the first available option " using: n/a" (#2 above)
  5. Select the Enabled Checkbox (#3 above)
    If a prescriber has an existing active credential; Once Save is selected, this will immediately inactivate the existing credential.
  6. Save (#4 above). Once saved, the credential is now active. However, if the prescribing user IS NOT the first provider to retrieve either IdenTrust or IDme EPCS credentials, the newly activated credential must be approved by a prescriber who has already been approved. The first provider added to a database is auto-approved. See Approve a Credential for step-by-step instructions on this process.