Debit ERA

Error Level:  Deposit

Error Message: Unable to process an ERA that is marked as debit.

Actions to Take:  No action required. The error will automatically be set to resolved and the entire deposit will be set to a status of Ignore.  

About this Error:  When an ERA is received, a Credit/Debit Flag is supplied in field BPR-03.  This code is used to indicate if the amount provided is either a debit or a credit.  A debit is very rarely used and can not be processed by our application.  The guidance provided states: "Use this code to indicate a debit to the payer's account and a credit to the provider's account, initiated by the provider at the instruction of the payer.  Extreme caution must be used when using Debit transactions.  Contact your VAB for information about debit transactions.  The rest of this segment and document assumes that a credit payment is being used."