Chrome Scanning Quick Use Guide

This article will explain the necessary steps to scan documents into the new Document Scan screen within Google Chrome. Depending on your workflow, you may want to change additional settings or separate the pages into individual files prior to uploading them to the system.

Steps to Complete

Navigate & Setup

  1. Login to OfficeEMR
  2. Navigate to the area where you typically use a scanner:
    • iScheduler
      • Select/Search Patient Chart > Patient Setup Dropdown > Primary OR Secondary Insurance Card / Patient Photograph > Scan
    • eDocuments
      • Select a Menu (Patient / Payer / Resource /Practice) > Search > Select a Folder > Scan in toolbar or via right-click menu.
    • EMR
      • Search Patient / Open from Office Schedule > Navigate to eDocuments > Select Scan Icon
  3. Ensure you have run the installation.

Adjust Settings & Scan

  1. Select a Source
  2. Adjust Custom Scan Options, Pixel Type, and Resolution to fit your specific needs for the pages being scanned.
  3. Select the Scan button and wait for the pages to display.

More information on available options for Custom Scan

Configure Location & Upload

  1. Enter a File Name
  2. Set a Received Date & Enter a Comment (if applicable)
  3. Ensure the correct Menu, Folder, and Menu Item are set.
  4. Search/Select a user or group to review the file about to be uploaded. You may also enter a comment for the user when reviewing in My Task - eDocuments.
  5. Ensure you only display the pages you wish to upload using the Save Document settings.
    If you intend on uploading the scanned pages into separate files, please review the guidelines for using the filter button.
  6. Select Upload. 

More information on available options for Save Documents