Visibility of CKCC Patients

Visibility of CKCC Patients

 Practices engaging with CKCC patients need to take extra care to ensure all aspects of patient care are considered, therefore, visibility of these contracted patients is essential for practitioners and ancillary medical staff. Only after a patient has the CKCC module added under their Case Management area of the Patient's Setup will any of the following visibility items display, as follows:

Blue Kidney Icon - Active CKCC Enrolled Patient

Grayed Out Kidney Icon - Previously Enrolled but no longer active CKCC patient for various reasons

Kidney Icon Hover Text - helpful information that is customized by the practice

Mobile Visibility of CKCC Patients

 Practices engaging with patients using OfficeEMR mobile can now see the CKCC icon carried over onto our mobile display where accessing patients on Rounds and Dialysis schedules, the red kidney indicator is set up to display when a patient is actively enrolled in the CKCC program. When viewing from your practice Schedule, you can see the Kidney icon in the patient header based on the patients CKCC status. This release is expected during the 23.11 release cycle.