Overview of TOLMARsync Integration

Our application is directly integrated with the TOLMARsync patient and inventory management system.  TOLMARsync is built specifically to manage the inventory, ordering, and dispensing of the Eligard medication.   This integration allows for the entire process of initializing a medication order and dispensing the Eligard medication to occur within our application. The data is seamlessly shared back with the TOLMARsync system to keep records up to date.  Once a successful dispense is completed, the dispense details will be added to the SOAP Note and the appropriate CPT code will be recommended on the Superbill.

This integration will:

  1. Allow practices to place a medication order for Eligard and have that order sent directly to TOLMARsync.
  2. Allow a user to use the handheld scanner to scan kit details.
  3. Allow a user to complete a dispense of Eligard.
  4. Following a successful dispense:
    1. The Eligard dispense details will be stored as a result with the order.
    2. The dispense details can be sent to the SOAP Note.
    3. The appropriate CPT code can be sent to the Superbill.