Release 22.08 - May 19th, 2022

New Features and Updates


  • U10663 - Additional Chrome compatibility conversion:  Since Microsoft® has begun the process of phasing out Internet Explorer, we have started converting the remaining areas of our software (that were previously only compatible with IE) to be fully compatible with Chrome.  

    Please note, we will be performing this conversion on the remaining 'IE-only' compatible sections of the software with subsequent releases. With this release, the newly converted area that is now Chrome compatible is:

    • Billing > Patient > Payment Import



  • U13323 - New On-Demand Export Process:  The current process for exporting CCDAs is time-consuming for clients and is prone to errors when multiple vendors are set up to receive the files. To alleviate these issues, a new on-demand export process has been implemented. To learn more about this feature click here.


  • U12274 - New Auto-Accept Import Queue Functionality:  When a Template has been configured to add Diagnosis codes to the Problem List, there is an Import Queue that holds those codes until the user actually imports them. Since this could be an extra step for some Practices, users now have the ability to automatically import those Diagnosis Codes via a company setting called Auto Accept Import Queue Items. When enabled, any Diagnosis code that is added via a Template action will automatically be added to that patient's Problem List.

Minor Changes and Bug Fixes


Claim Tab

  • B13223 - Rendering Provider selection not saving:  When completing the Superbill portion of a Quickpay payment, the Rendering Provider selection was not saving.  



  • U11958 - 'Send Communication on Failure' setting not working:  When the Company Setting flag Send Communication on Failure was enabled, Updox users were receiving a communication whether the fax failed or succeeded (the setting worked correctly with MyFax users.) This issue has been resolved.