Create New Charges on OfficeEMR Mobile

The Charges window in the OfficeEMR Mobile application will allow a user to add a new charge (aka Superbill) for a patient.  There are many different avenues into create a charge for the patient - you may be taken to the charges window when adding a charge to a hospital round, office visit, dialysis round, or by simply opening the chart. No matter how the Charges window is accessed, the functions are the same.


  1. Search for a patient and open that patient's chart: Search for a patient
    1. NOTE:  Other areas of the application may take you directly into the Charges window. In these cases, steps 1-4 are not necessary.
  2. The Summary tab will be displayed once the chart is opened.
  3. Tap the More button to reveal additional menu options.
  4. Tap Charges from the list.
  5. The Closed charges will display be default.  Tap the New (+) button to begin a new charge.
  6. Review and set the various values to ensure that they are correct.
  7. .  Once you are satisfied with the details, click Save.
  8. You will be prompted to release for charges.  To send the charge to billing and remove the item from the Open list, click Yes. Otherwise, click No.

Charge Entry Details

  • Units - Procedures:  
    • AddTapping the 'Add' button for Units/Procedures will present a list of procedure codes that can be added to the superbill.  This list of procedure codes is derived from the Superbill template selected.  Procedures can also be searched for by either name or code.
    • Edit: Tapping on a procedure that has already been added will allow a user to modify details of that procedure, add units, add modifiers, and associate diagnosis codes more precisely with the procedure.

  • Diagnosis
    • AddTapping the 'Add' button for Diagnosis will present a list of diagnosis codes that can be added to the superbill.  This list of codes is derived from the Superbill selected.  Diagnosis can also be searched for by either name or code.
  • Superbill:  The superbill template used to produce the list of procedure and diagnosis codes found when clicking the Add button.  Specific superbill templates may be set as a default for a resource - this ensures the correct superbill template is set based on how the superbill is accessed.
  • DOS:  Date of service for the charge.
  • Rendering:  Rendering provider for the charge.
  • Location:  Service location for the charge.
  • Admission:  Admission date - often times used with hospital visits and other special types of billing situations.
  • Referring:  Referring provider for the charge.
  • Auto-Associate Dx: When this setting is on, each new diagnosis added to the charge will be automatically linked to all procedures on the charge.  This setting can be controlled by user via Settings > OfficeEMR Mobile on your device.