Payer Level Mismatch Error

Error Level: Claim

Error Message: <ERA Payer Name> indicated that this claim was <Remit Status>.  Based on how this was processed, it appears the insurances are setup incorrectly on the claim.  Please fix the insurance assignment for this claim or ignore.

Actions to Take: If you've received this error, you likely want to compare the payer on the deposit claim and the payers listed on the claim, to make sure that both are correct. This error gives you the option then to:

  • Ignore the error
  • Update the payer for the deposit claim
  • Change the payer(s) on the claim

About this Error: In the past, if we assigned a deposit claim to be a payer that was the primary on the claim, but the remit status selected was "Processed as Secondary," the posting would go through as entered. Now the remit status and level of the selected payer will need to match or an error will be thrown, giving you the opportunity for review.