View Hospital Rounds List on OfficeEMR Mobile

The Hospital Rounds List in the OfficeEMR Mobile application will allow a user to quickly view all patients assigned to the hospital rounding schedule. Users can choose to see 

Steps to view the Hospital Rounds list

  1. Tap the Schedule icon on the home screen.  

  2. Tap the Rounds icon from the toolbar.

  3. Based on your user's default resource, you will see a list of patients that you are scheduled to round on.

Steps to Change the Resource or Location

  1. To change the resource you are looking at, tap the ... icon in the upper right.

  2. Click the Change Resource or Change Location option.

  3. Select the resource or location from the list that you would like to view.  Patients assigned to either that location or resource will now be displayed.

Workflow Note:
When a patient is added to the Hospital Rounding schedule, different practices may dictate how that patient round is managed.  For example, some practices may specifically assign a Resource to the round - this is commonly done when a specific provider needs to see a specific patient when rounding.  Other practices may just simply assign the patient to the location. Then, they will assign their providers to go to specific locations on a given day and round on any patient at that location.

Hospital Round List Details

For each patient round displayed in the list, the following details will be shown:

  • Patient Last Name,  Patient First Name, Patient Middle Initial (Age Gender)
  • Room Number
  • Comment
  • A Note indicator will display if a SOAP Note has ever been saved for this patient. This may be a good indication if you have ever seen the patient in the practice or not.
  • A Completed indicator will display in green if an appointment has a charge (superbill) linked to it or the round has been manually marked as Completed for that day.