Project Kick Off

Project Kick Off

Welcome to iSalus Healthcare, home of the Choice Solutions! During Week 1 of your Implementation our team is gearing up for some of the beginning milestones in preparation for your Go-Live. 

Welcome Packet

Once a signed contract has been received by our Implementation department, you will quickly be sent a Welcome Packet. The Welcome Packet is a detailed outline of all of the required pieces in order to begin setting up your database. Without a completed Welcome Packet, our team is unable to build the necessary components for your system. Typically the Welcome Packet completion process should take the practice a few days to gather or complete all necessary information. Attention to a timely return is critical, in order to achieve a 90-day implementation. Most practices may require the assistance of multiple resources within the practice to gather this information (i.e. Practice Administrator and Billing Administrator).

The Welcome Packet consists of the following information: 

  • Company Profile Information
    • Practice Name
    • Mailing Address
    • Phone and Fax Numbers
    • Tax ID and Tax ID Type
    • Practice NPI
    • Primary Contact Name and Contact Information
  • 5010 Billing/Accounts Payable Information
    • Bill To Address
    • Pay To Address (P.O. Box Only)
    • Accounts Payable Contact Name and Contact Information 
  • Provider Information
    • Name and Suffix
    • Specialty and Taxonomy
    • NPI Number
    • Medicare PTA 
    • Medicare PTAN
    • RR Medicare PTAN
    • Medicaid Number
    • DEA
    • State License Number
    • Rendering Address
    • Unique 4-digit pin number
  • Provider Schedules
    • Most practices will be trained on how to setup and manage a provider schedule. 
    • In most cases, this section is not required. 
  • Appointment Types
    • A list of all applicable appointment types
    • Fields include name and duration
  • Users
    • A list of all current users to be added to the database.
    • Fields include First and Last Name, Email, and applicable role for database accessibility)
  • Locations
    • A list of all Service Locations
    • Fields include Name, POS Type, Address, Phone and Fax Numbers
  • Payers
    • A list of all current Payers
    • Fields include Payer Name, Payers ID, Address, Electronic Claims, and ERA requirement

The practice is also encouraged to include copies of the following documents: 

  • Fee Schedule (CPT or HCPCS code listing with prices)
  • Superbill (aka Charge Slip, Fee ticket, etc)
  • Practice Logo and/or Letterhead
  • Patient Letters (HIPAA form, Financial Policies, Consent forms, etc)

Once completed and all additional documentation has been gathered, the completed Welcome Packet may be emailed to the Implementation Department. The completed Welcome Packet will be added to the Implementation project Management tool, Asana, for safe-keeping. (More about Asana later.)

Kick Off Call

The Kick Off Call is an informal, virtual call between the lead iSalus Project Manger, assisting Project Managers, and the appropriate Practice team members. We encourage the following team members to be in attendance: 

  1. Practice Administrator(s)
  2. Clinical Team Lead(s)
  3. Billing Team Lead(s)
  4. Additional team leaders that will be managing a group of individuals

The Kick off Call will be a 45-60 minute conversation outlining the stages of the Implementation. The iSalus Implementation team will use this time to introduce all resources that will be assigned an area of the overall project. These areas consist of Front Office, Intelligent Intake, Nursing, Providers, Ancillary Clinical departments, and Billing. The practice will also have an opportunity to introduce their team and each individual's involvement in the overall project.  

The lead Project Manager will review all areas of the signed contract, including all additional features that were either included, waived, opted-into, or opted-out-of by the practice. They will review the monthly rates for all contracted provider licenses, as well as any additional licenses (i.e. Intelligent Intake or ancillary resources). Finally, they will review any special contract details or additional notes found in the contract. 

During this call, the practice will have an opportunity to share information regarding their current system and if there is a specific cut-off time that they will no longer have access to that system. This information is critical, as it provides an outline for necessary data import procedures and timelines. At this time, the Implementation team will provide a suggested Go-Live date. This date is typically 90-days post the initial contract signing. This date is thoughtfully selected by the iSalus Implementation department, as we ensure resources are allocated to be available on that selected date. Once a date is set and agreed upon, that is the date that will be used for all future planning for training, data conversion, and appropriate configurations. 

The Implementation team will take this opportunity to ask about all existing and/or desired interfaces. These can include lab interfaces, imaging interfaces, etc. Interfaces that are not listed in the contract will be considered new interfaces and will be scoped by iSalus development. Custom interfaces are subject to an additional fee. 

Lastly, the lead Billing Project Manager will review all billing related setup items and verify that all numbers have been documented correctly. At this time, the Billing Project Manager will review all additional features specifically for Billing. This is a great time for the practice to express interest in any additional features that were not documented in the contract initially. Most billing additional features are monthly features and can be activated at any time. 

At the conclusion of the Kick off Call, the Lead Project Manager will send a copy of the Kick off Call Notes. These notes will include the meeting notes, the established Go-Live date, the introductory training videos, and information about Asana.