Release 22.11 - August 4th, 2022

New Features and Updates


  • U10663 - Additional Chrome compatibility conversion:  Since Microsoft® has begun the process of phasing out Internet Explorer, we have started converting the remaining areas of our software (that were previously only compatible with IE) to be fully compatible with Chrome.  

    Please note, we will be performing this conversion on the remaining 'IE-only' compatible sections of the software with subsequent releases. With this release, the newly converted areas that are now Chrome compatible are:

    • Setup
      • Providers > More > Lab Accounts
      • EMR Setup > Order Items > Link to Global Order > Global Order Search
    • Reports
      • eDocuments > Disk Space
    • iScheduler
      • Print Superbill (right-click on appointment)
    • Billing
      • Setup Screens (dropdown) > Provider > More > Credentials
      • Set Billing Info (dropdown) > Refund Maintenance
      • Reporting Windows (dropdown)
        • EDI Extract
        • Reconciliation - this report has now been merged into the Practice Summary report. The original link in the Reporting Windows drop-down has now been renamed to Reconciliation/Practice Summary and will automatically direct users to the new Practice Summary report.) To learn more about this updated report click here.
        • Payer Mix - To learn more about the updates to this report click here.
      • Deposits > More
        • Deposit Listing
        • Deposit Ticket
      • Sliding Fee Schedule
        • Billing > Set Billing Info (toolbar) > Sliding Fee Schedule
        • Patient Setup > Summary > Sliding Fee Schedule
      • Legacy Deposits - A new conversion process has been created which will allow Legacy Deposits to be viewed from within the Deposits window (see item U13681 below.)


Claim Query

  • U13505 - New multi-Claim view functionality:  When the User setting to open Claims in their own pop-out window is enabled (Claim Query Open), the system will now allow multiple Claim windows to be opened/viewed at the same time.
  • U13521 - New Advanced Search filters:  Since Claims often use the Patient Provider  field found in both the Patient Setup and Claim screens,  Patient PCP, Referring, Doctor, and Location fields have now been added to the Advanced Search screen. In addition, the Claim Patient Location/Patient Provider fields have been moved from the Claim section to the Patient section. Note: By default, these new fields are not enabled in More > Change Display Settings: 
  • U13553 - Claim Validation messages:  Claim Validation messages that were originally displayed in the Status column of the old Billing Query screen will now display the same message in the Validation Message column on the new Claim Query screen.
  • U13558 - Claim Validation logic added to Billing Wheel:  The Claim Validation logic will now be applied when loading the Claims List in from the Prepare section of the Billing Wheel. Checking the Display Claim Validation box will then display the Validation Message column along with the applicable Claim Validation message:

Legacy Deposits

  • U13681 - Added the ability to view Legacy Deposits with the Deposits screen:  A new conversion process has been created which will allow Legacy Deposits to be viewed from within the Deposits window. The system will begin running nightly jobs to automatically convert any remaining Legacy Deposits. Additionally, any deposits that have not yet been converted by the nightly job can also be converted real-time. This conversion process will work in one of two ways when opening the legacy deposit from the Deposit screen:
    • Once the Legacy Deposit has been opened, if it has not been converted yet and it has 350 or less deposit procedure lines, it will be converted real-time and will then be available for viewing.
    • Once the Legacy Deposit has been opened, if it has not been converted yet and it has more than 350 deposit procedure lines, the user will receive a message that the deposit is being converted and will need to check back later. A job will then run in the background to convert the deposit.


  • U12755 - Updated Practice Summary report:  The Reconciliation report functionaliy has now been merged into the Practice Summary report. To learn more about this updated report click here.

Bug Fixes

Chrome Fixes

  • B13545 - Small font size when printing Schedule:  When printing out the schedule from within the iScheduler, the font size was too small.
  • B13513 - Unable to export Recall List:  Users were unable to export the Recall list from within the iScheduler.
  • B13554 - Unable to access Communications from EMR:  Some users were unable to access Patient Communication from within the EMR screen.
  • B13656 - Unable to load Flowsheets graph:  The Graph option within the Flowsheets chart tab was not loading.
  • B13687 - Chrome default PDF viewer option not working:  Users who had set their Chrome browser to open PDF files with their computer's default PDF viewer (instead of within the Chrome browser) would receive an error when trying to open a PDF file.
  • B13633 - Error when using ALT+S within Exams:  Users received an error message when trying to use the ALT+S save command shortcut from within the EMR Exams chart tab.
  • B13555 - Attachment text cut off in Communication:  When sending a Communication from the Order History chart tab, the text in the Attachment section of the Communications window for the order was being cut off for some orders.
  • B13519 - Patient .tif images not displaying:  Patient images that were stored in a .tif format were not displaying within the EMR.
  • B13242 - Missing Receipt button:  The Receipt button icon within the Claim details screen was missing.
  • B13698 - Export to Excel file format incorrect:  When using the 'Export to Excel' functionality within the Billing screens, the saved file did not contain the Excel file extension.
  • B13524 - Human Readable Selection being cut off:  Within the Deposit Claim details screen, the Open Human Readable ERA link was being cut off.
  • B13539 - Claim History Deposit functionality not working:  The right-click Deposit option (Payment/Adjustment lines) was not working within the Claim History screen.
  • B13540 - Claim History ERA details being cut off:  When viewing an ERA from within the Claim History screen (right-click on Payment/Adjustment lines > ERA), the details window was being partially cut off. 
  • B13588 - Claim comments being cut off:  When viewing the Patient Transaction History on a Claim, if the Claim comments exceeded the first line they were getting cut off instead of word wrapping to the next line. 
  • B13540 - Patient Transaction History screen being cut off:  When viewing the Show History for All Claims  screen (Patient Setup > Balance), the details window was being partially cut off.
  • B13595 - Unable to add new Procedure line with keyboad down arrow:  The ability to click the keyboad down arrow on a Procedure line in order to create a new line was not functioning. 
  • B13523 - Minimized Billing Navigation Window not collapsing after selection:  In the Billing portal, after collapsing the Billing List navigation window and then making selection in the expanded Billing Navigation section, the navigation window was not automatically minimizing back after the selection.



  • B13176 - Appointment Audit Timezone:  The Company/User timezone setting was not being reflected in the Modified Time column of the Appointment Audit.


Summary of Care

  • B13597 - Recurring CCDA Exports not working:  CCDAs that were configured to export on a recurring nightly schedule were only exporting on the first night.