Release 19.7.1 - February 1st, 2020

New Features


This release was primarily focused on enhancing the security throughout our entire system. We have deployed a large number of enhancements and changes to keep your patient data more secure than ever. You can rest assured that you have a team of IT Security experts monitoring, assessing, and preventing unwanted threats.   


  • Display Lab Results by Collection Date:  We have added a new company setting in the application that will allow electronic lab results that are received to be displayed on the timeline based on the Collection Date.  Learn more here.



  • Shorted the Claim X-Ref Value:  In a prior release, iSalus updated the Claim X-Ref value that is generated and sent on both printed and electronic claims.  The industry standard allows this value to be up to 20 characters, our's was set to 14.  We have identified issues where a small number of payers were truncating this identifier down to 12 characters.  We have now modified our Claim X-Ref values to be 12 characters as well.  The format is as follows: <DatabaseKey><UniqueNumber><X>.  Example:  E2J00012345X.

  • New Font Options Added to Printed HCFA:  Some payers use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to electronically read printed HCFA forms.  It has been identified that these tools often mistake letters like 'i' for the number '1'.  To combat this, we have added two new font options to the HCFA form layout that are known to help this type of issue.  The two new font types are Courier and Times New Roman.   Users experiencing this issue can update the settings for their printed HCFA's by following the steps found here.

  • Claim X-Ref Value No Longer Removed from Deleted Submission Batch:  Every time a claim is added to a submission batch, the Claim X-Ref value is generated that uniquely identifies this claim in this batch. If a user happens to remove a batch, the Claim X-Ref number was being removed as well.  This caused an issue when the batch was removed, but the paper HCFA was still sent to the payer with this ID.  We have modified the process so that the Claim X-Ref value will not be removed.