Room Setup

The Room Setup tab is used to determine which rooms exist at a practice so that a patient can be assigned to a room in the EMR.

The list of rooms is customized for your practice.  This article will explain how to add new rooms to the application along with the associated features available. 

Add a New Room

To add a new room the application, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Setup portal

  2. Select Room Setup from the setup list under the EMR Setup section.

  3. Enter the Room details in the work area on the right

  4. Click Save

Room Setup Values

There are several settings and values related to a room that determines when a room can be selected and how it displays.

ValueExampleHow it is used
NameRoom 3The name of the room.
DescriptionRoom 3 - Pod BA more descriptive name of the room. 
LocationSouth OfficeThis produces a list of service location where appointments can be scheduled.  When a patient is scheduled a specific location, the list of rooms will be filtered by this.
ColorLight RedUsed to define how appointments show up in  iScheduler.  The following settings may be used: