Duplicate Deposit

Error Level:  Deposit

Error Message: Duplicate Deposit

Actions to Take:  User should resolve the error by reviewing the duplicate deposit in question and decide to either move forward withe creating/posting the deposit or removing the duplicate deposit that was just created.

  1. Click Resolve
  2. Review the list of potential duplicate deposits.  You can click on the Deposit ID to open the deposit for review.

  3. If you belive that the deposit that was just created is in-fact a duplicate and is not needed, select Remove Deposit.  However, if you believe that this is not a duplicate and would like to proceed, click Ignore.

About this Error:  Whenever an ERA/EOB is created, the system will now check for an existing deposit that may already be in the system. The check will be based on the following details.  If a duplicate deposit is found, then a deposit error will be added to the deposit.

  •  Deposit Date
  • Check Amount
  • Check ID.